Pauline Kirk

Pauline M Kirk

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Border 7


Pauline Kirk


ISBN: 978-1-939269-25-6



Extended Description

An overcrowded planet
Dwindling resources
Dominant corporations controlling food, medicine and work
Those on the outside scrabbling to survive

In this companion novel to The Keepers Pauline Kirk captures the stark reality of a world that is not too far away.

Jude is a skilled member of The Corporation's security force. Cracks are beginning to appear in the system and dissatisfaction is growing. Soon even Jude begins to doubt the benevolence of the omnipotent Corporation to which she is pledged until the day she dies.  In this world of subterfuge, traitors and spies, trusting the wrong person can be a death sentence.

Jude has to learn to trust and to earn the trust of people who have every reason to be suspicious of an agent of The Corporation.


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