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I also write as 'PJ Quinn', in collaboration with my daughter Jo Summers. Jo challenged me to write a crime novel and, somehow, I ended up writing it with her. The result is a series of detective novels featuring DI Ambrose and Chalk Heath, set in the 1950s, a period of great change that seems like an era ago.

Foul Play is the first novel which was published in June 2011; and Poison Pen in October 2012. Close Disharmony, the third book in the series, was published in 2014. Though planned as a trilogy, such was the demand by readers that a fourth book, Poetic Justice, was published in July 2018.

Many readers have asked about a fifth novel in this series and about developing a series based on the character of WPC Meadows. Jo and I, along with our publisher, are investigating the possibility of either or both of these options. Officially, Foul Play is now out of print but we are discussing with the publisher whether to have a second printing or, possibly, publish a ‘director’s cut’ folding in our experience writing the later novels and adding a scene or two.

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